about stacey

award-winning performing artist, stacey sargeant was born and raised in the east new york section of brooklyn. 


at the ripe age of three, she was introduced to ballet in the studios of carnegie hall, and like every other kid growing up in east new york in the 80's, she thought she could be a rapper...and a ballerina.

her imagination ran wild. there was nothing she couldn’t be, do, or have. 

when her teachers told her she was, "too fat", to be a ballerina, stacey lost her confidence and felt unworthy of her dreams. though she believed in her abilities, she suffered with low self-esteem, body-image issues and disordered eating. 

after decades of suffering, stacey got tired of living a life smaller than she'd imagined. she sought help, and found it. her desire to overcome her demons of self-doubt put her on the healing path. the most important lesson she's learned is: if you can change your beliefs, you can change your life!

in the building self-esteem to catch your dreams workshop, she teaches others how to go from playing it safe to feeling capable, confident and worthy of living the life of their dreams!

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we help artists overcome demons of self-doubt by offering practical tools they can use to build the self-esteem necessary to catch their dreams.