the workshop

demons of self-doubt standing in the way of you making your dreams a reality? fear of not being good enough keeping you from the life you know you deserve?

i can totally relate. i was once plagued with self-doubt too. but, by learning how to change my beliefs, i changed my life.


with building self-esteem to catch your dreams, you can too!

after taking this workshop, you will be able to:

  • clarify goals

  • identify obstacles

  • analyze unconscious beliefs

  • improve self-talk

  • work smarter, not harder

  • handle setbacks with ease

  • take meaningful steps towards dreams

tomorrow's not promised. stop wasting time living life with regrets. go from playing it safe to feeling capable, confident and worthy of living the life of your dreams!

with multiple levels of engagement available, we offer customized workshops to suit your needs.

we help artists overcome demons of self-doubt by offering practical tools they can use to build the self-esteem necessary to catch their dreams.