building self-esteem to catch your dreams

change your thinking...change your life!


are you struggling to take real steps towards your dreams without hesitation, shame, or doubt? have you already "caught" your dreams but find  others often devalue you and/or your contributions?


then, the though i'm not perfect workshop: building self-esteem to catch your dreams is for you!

after taking this SEL workshop, participants will know how to...

  • clarify goals

  • clearly identify obstacles 

  • analyze unconscious beliefs 

  • improve self-talk

  • create life affirming habits 

  • strengthen intuition

  • handle setbacks with ease

  • identify and take actionable steps towards dreams

take the 4-week online workshop or book a though i’m not perfect™ film screening and talkback q&a with stacey.

all workshops led online by award-winning performing artist, stacey sargeant

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