“…our students needed a safe space during these uncertain times. i saw a significant change in the confidence, energy, and mindset of our students. one student who barely spoke at our first meeting happened to be the first to contribute at our last. he had his zoom camera on, was laughing, asking questions, more focused and analytical in his thinking than he ever was before.”


~anna  - project manager at connective, inc.

"stacey has a way of identifying the moments & ways in which you are playing small in your life, and putting a mirror in front of you that won't allow you to remain in that small space. she helped me believe in myself & my worth and take leaps forward in my journey from actress to multi-hyphenate artist and owner of actresses hair by nikiya.

~nikiya mathis - actress/hair/wig designer

“stacey sargeant’s workshop challenged me to ask questions of myself i often ignore. as a result, it led to a creation of  space for growth, healing  and new found self-confidence.”

~cedric sanders - actor/speake

"...this course has brought up ways i have been thinking of my abilities and impact that i didn't realize were not serving me."

~shirel hernandez - founder of lil' dumplins ballet & movement school

"it helped me to identify what my current dream acually is."

~nicole woo, artist mama

"stacey listened to me.  after she listened she acknowledged my thoughts, sifted through my patterns and guided me to my own truth and conclusion."

~bianca laverne - director/actor

we help artists overcome demons of self-doubt by offering practical tools they can use to build the self-esteem necessary to catch their dreams.